Hickory Inn

                 Pocono EB5 Regional Center LLC is a USCIS designated regional center, covering  seven counties in Northeast Pennsylvania, composed of  Lehigh Valley, Pocono and Wyoming Valley, and three counties in North New Jersey,  the west of I-287. Currently, we are developing solar farms, farming, transient lodging, college dormitory as well as coliving/cospace in small town setting. Several  projects in undertaking are building ecosystems on a global basis and they are ideal for ICO.
                All of our projects are with TEA-certifications. 
                If you are mulling on your own EB% project, you may rent our EB5 center with a fee.


分布式发电ICO初始投资40万美元, 共发行1亿代币token ($1 per token):

发起人康利普代币比例10%; 运营代币比例10% , 初始投资者代币比例10%; 公共投资者代币比例70%
联系: 646-383-0883, 917-723-0338; invest@quanleap.com

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